Payment for City League Registration 2017-2018 Season

The Hong Kong Typhoons is pleased to announce that registration for the 2017-2018 season is now open.  If you wish to register, please complete the form below and pay a deposit of HKD2,000 for each division or programme in which you wish to register your child. The full season fee will be announced shortly.  This $2,000 will be used towards your league fee next year, if you do not qualify for the league, your money will be refunded to you.  If you choose to play up and do not qualify, your money will be transferred to the division that is appropriate for your kid.  There will be no refund here.

For example, if a player wants to play SD10, SD12 and Team programme, he has to pay $2000+$2000+$2000=$6000.


  • 1) For a player who did not play in City League last season, you need to book a session of synthetic ice training with our Coach Simon for assessment.   Please put a remark “make up assessment for City League” for our reference.
  • 2) For a player who is interested in joining HK Selects and Typhoons Team Program, you must join City League first in order to be qualified.



The Hong Kong Typhoons is excited that we have secured additional ice time for the upcoming 2017-18 season.  An indicative schedule is set out below. The actual schedule will be confirmed AFTER tryouts so that the coaches have a better idea of numbers, skill level and player size in each division. This enables the coaches to provide the most competitive and safest environment for player development.

Time Venue Possible Division / Programme
Wednesday evenings Elements

U10-16 plus qualified U8s Skills Development   

Thursday evenings MegaIce U12 Selects & Typhoons Team Training 
Thursday evenings MegaIce U14/16 Selects & Typhoons Team Training 

Saturday mornings

MegaIce SD12 League 

Saturday nights

MegaIce SD16 League

Sunday mornings

MegaIce U6/8 Selects & Typhoons Team Training 
Sunday mornings MegaIce SD14 League (Pin & Freeze) 

Sunday Late 


Festival Walk 

Novice League and Practice 

Sunday evenings Festival Walk Atom A / SD10 (10 years old or younger) 
Sunday evenings Festival Walk U10 Selects & Typhoons Team Training 
Sunday evenings Festival Walk Power Skate


HK Selects & Typhoons Team

To be a HK Selects/Typhoons team member, the player must commit to attending practices and tournaments. Failure to do so without good excuse may result in your being dropped from the programme. There will be no refunds if you are dropped.

After team tryouts, every qualified member will be a member of the Typhoons team.  For each A level tournament, we will pick from this pool of players to form our HK Selects team. Playing once for HK Selects team does not mean you will continuously be a HK Selects player, not only is your level and skills important, your attitude, level of commitment, participation, team work etc will also be things we look at to determine if a player is worthy.

If a player wants to play in our tournaments, he must join our team practices. We will try to arrange tournaments for everyone in the programme. Team practices are extremely important for a team to be successful.

Possible Tournaments this year:



Possible Division / Programme

July 2017


U10/12/14 CCM Cup Beijing

Oct 2017


U10/12/14 Zenith Cup

Dec 2017


U14 Kamloops KIBIHT

Mar 2018


U10/12/14 Singapore Tournament

Mar 2018


U15 Japan Tournament

Apr 2018

Hong Kong

Mega 5’s



Children will be placed in a primary division based on their birth year.  Your child may play in a division for older children ONLY if a coach deems it appropriate and ONLY on the basis that he or she also plays in the division appropriate for his or her age.  In other words, your child MUST play in the division for his or her age and may then, at the coach's discretion, play a 2nd division on top of that.  If you wish to request that the coach consider your child for play in a 2nd division, please mark the registration form box to so indicate.

A goalie who wishes to play as a player in another division must register and pay for BOTH divisions.



As an incentive for goalies to train with the Typhoons organization, we are pleased to announce a new HK Selects & Typhoons Team goalie incentive arrangement.  A goalie has to fully pay up for and commit to the Typhoons City League and the HK Selects & Typhoons Team training program. Payment and participation in the skills training is optional.  This incentive will apply to goalies that are selected to join the HK Selects & Typhoons Team training.  At the end of the season (July 30, 2018), if the goalie has fully participated in the City League, fully played in the HK Selects & Typhoons Team practices and participated in the tournaments that are required by the organization (such as in their own age group in Mega 5s), then the Typhoons organization will fully refund the goalies’ City League fees and the HK Selects & Typhoons Team training fees.  If the goalie has also paid for skills training, that will be refunded too.  In case of any dispute, The HK Typhoons organization reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of these terms and conditions.


Skills Training

Typhoons is proud to host 2 skills training sessions on Wednesday evenings from 8-9pm and 9-10pm.  We are planning to have U10/U12 and some qualified U8s for 8-9pm and U12-U16 for 9-10pm.  Once we have the registrations in, we will have a better idea of how to allocate the players.  You are also welcome to join both sessions, but its again up to the coaches to decide if you qualify for both.  We are currently finalizing on costs but we do welcome players to lock in their spots first.  We will take $2000 deposit to guarantee a spot for each hour.  If you register for both, you will need to pay $2000+$2000=$4000.  If you are unsuccessful in qualifying for the 1st or 2nd session, your money will be transferred to the league fee or training fee.  And again, there will be no refund.


Power Skate

We will be hosting the power skating session in the Festival Walk again this year.  We are currently finalizing on costs but we do welcome players to lock in their spots first.  We will take $2000 deposit to guarantee a spot. And again, there will be no refund.


Registration Form